Galerie Vanlian asks you, How about a Knit?

17 Dec

Galerie Vanlian asks you, How about a Knit?

Knits are being stretched to fit every imaginable surface and unimaginable materials are being ‘knitted’ for design and amusement…wrapped, knitted, braided, coiled, knotted, looped and tied…

Knitted sofas, chairs with knitting added on as decoration – dangling knitted balls making them every cat lover’s dream (or nightmare), thick cables of metal coils contorted into chair seats and lighting fixtures; packed knitted tubes braided together as dubious seat covers or floor pieces; donut-shaped poufs of various sizes, and sensually suggestive pairings of stuffed knitted interlocking forms.

Braided, crocheted and knotted strings of fabric interwoven with pearls to create tentacle-like drapings of indescribable clothing…is it a shirt, dress, jacket, wrap? Leggings and web-like shoe coverings complete the daring covered but uncovered look.

The diverse craftsmanship of knits and crochets is covering a plethora of fashionable items. You can even keep a look out for the hippest of young ladies sitting at a café or on the subway with knitting needles and a new hobby at hand!

Ref: Trendease International

By Galerie Vanlian,

Trendy furnishings & Designs.

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Vick Vanlian.


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