Spring Furniture Ideas for Renters by Vick Vanlian!

12 Mar

Spring Furniture Ideas for Renters
 by Vick Vanlian!

Vicken Vanlian!

Vicken Vanlian!


It can be difficult for renters to make their homes feel like their own. Placing seasonal touches and accents in a rented home or apartment can make all the difference. Adding a bit of spring freshness, along with specially placed furniture and accessories, can make a rented home comfortable, welcoming and individual. There are many spring furniture ideas for renters; you just have to have an eye for it.

As soon as you walk into a room, you are immediately affected by its tone, whether you may realize it or not. If a room is painted red and features sleek, black furniture, you will likely feel powerful and intense. On the contrary, if you walk into a room that is painted in a cool blue and features white, plush furniture, you will feel more comfortable and relaxed. The same can be said for home decorating ideas and home décor (http://www.catalogs.com/home-decor.html)
that has a theme. Adding a spring motif to your home with furniture, colors and accessories that sport that theme, can make your space feel fresh, vibrant and inspiring—just like spring itself.

Decorating your home with light-colored furniture is one of the easiest spring furniture ideas for renters. Couches, chairs and loveseats that are made of material that is white or in pastel shades introduces a spring feel in your room. In addition, placing decorative cushions and pillows on your furniture that feature a floral theme brings a bit of outdoor spring into your environment. You can also place floral or brightly-colored slip covers over your furniture to add a spring feel. Slip covers made of light material, such as khaki or cotton, give furniture an airy tone, as opposed to leather or other thick material. Draping a blanket or afghan that features flowers or grass and light colors adds design and springtime tone to furniture.

Wicker furniture always adds an outdoor element in your home, including chairs, couches and tables. Light-colored end and coffee tables add a lightness and fresh appeal into your home, as well. Pull your furniture away from your walls and place them at interesting angles for a new feel. Similarly, if you position your couch diagonally, if makes a narrow room look bigger. In the spring, renters can rearrange their furniture to make rooms airy and fresh, as opposed to cozy and warm.

Eliminating clutter from your home is a fast, free way of giving it a fresh, vibrant feel that is conducive to spring. Take the term “spring cleaning” to heart—eliminate the mess and add a few, carefully selected spring accents to your home. Removing excess objects will make the room appear larger and will no longer distract yours and your guests’ eyes from your strategically placed spring accents.

Don’t forget to add a bit of spring to your outdoor space. Decorate your balcony, patio or yard with Adirondack chairs and tables that are white, light green or blue to get your outside in tune with the spring season. Moreover, simple accents such as bright artificial flowers placed in decorative, cute watering cans add a pop of color to both your inside and outside spaces.

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  1. beingzhenya March 12, 2011 at 12:02 pm #

    This is a great post, but some pictures would make it better!

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