Tips for home decor by Vick Vanlian!

18 Mar

Tips for home decor by Vick Vanlian!

Decorating your home can be very simple and inexpensive, if you follow these rules to make your house look breathtakingly beautiful.

  1. Decide on a theme: Before you could start decorating your space, it is very important to exercise imagination and zero in on an idea that best describes you. Your age, family background, personal interests, hobbies, holiday destinations visited and any other factor which describes the real you should be manifested through your decor.
  2. You are your space: If you imagine yourself to be the space you want to furnish, your favourite clothing would be the decor. Be smart, ignite your imagination and create something beautiful out what reveal the best out of you
  3. Lighten up your room: Natural sunlight is the best source of light which gives a lot of space to your room. Keep your windows open to let in fresh air and adequate sunlight.
  4. Paint your room: White can be the best colour that can make the room bright and beautiful. Any colour furnishings would look great with white. However. If your favourite colour is red or orange, it’s best to paint the most prominent wall with your favourite shade and keeping the curtains the same hue.
  5. Minimal furniture: Keep your furniture as minimal as possible to facilitate movement and space.
  6. Exotic pieces and wall hangings: Freak out on exotic artifacts and handicrafts that bring out your best interests and wild passion for paintings. Experiment and go in for something unique and captivating.
  7. Fresh flora: Palm plants, bamboos and flower pots can work beautiful to create a sense of revival and rejuvenation. Plants placed at the corners of the area fitted in beautiful pots can create magic.
  8. Curtains: Purchase your curtains which goes exactly with the sofas. Any mismatch can look ghastly and ruin the look of your space
Vick Vanlian

Vick Vanlian

A Lebanese Interior Designer.

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Vick Vanlian.



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