Sculptures by Envy Interiors!

25 Mar

Sculptures by Envy Interiors!

Sculptures by Envy Interiors!

Sculptures by Envy Interiors!


Sculptures by Envy Interiors!

Sculptures by Envy Interiors!


Sculptures by Envy Interiors!

Sculptures by Envy Interiors!


Sculptures by Envy Interiors!

Sculptures by Envy Interiors!


Sculptures by Envy Interiors!

Sculptures by Envy Interiors!


Small Space Solutions

Keep It White and Light


Bathing your room in white creates a similar illusion of boundary-defying expansiveness. White walls, draperies, furniture, accessories, and rug in this petite living room allow the eye to roam freely over surfaces, stopping only at points of contrast–the dark-framed mirrors, the pair of dark chairs, and the coffee table. These dark accents anchor the space without constricting it. The white surfaces also bounce light around the room, increasing the sense of spaciousness. A large window that borrows outdoor views enhances the roomy feeling.

Maximize Light and Views

A bank of windows instantly enlarges a small room because your eye moves beyond the wall to the outdoor view and embraces it as part of your living space. Even if you have only one window, take advantage of this liberating effect by leaving the window bare or, for privacy, installing simple shades or blinds that can be pulled out of the way during the day. Choose blinds the same color as the walls so they’ll blend into the background — white or ivory works best for increasing the feeling of space

Add Mirrors

Prop a large framed mirror against a wall to create the illusion of greater depth in a room. Even small mirrors expand the sense of space by reflecting views and light, but an oversize mirror like this one has a dramatic effect because it reflects a large chunk of the room.

Take the Eye High

Increase the apparent height of the room with vertical lines that lead the eye from floor to ceiling. A seemingly higher ceiling adds breathing space, particularly if the walls are also painted a soft, receding color. Here, simple draperies fall from the painted valance, which is mounted at ceiling height to create the longest possible line. The painting over the mantel also takes the eye upward, reinforcing the effect. (Note that the painting also does its part in pushing the walls outward–a landscape with a strong illusion of depth acts like a window onto an outdoor space.)

Make Space Work Harder

Built-ins that serve multiple functions make small spaces live larger. Here a built-in bookcase defines a seating nook with storage cabinets below the bench. Wall-mount lamps illuminate the nook for nighttime reading or conversation. This unit is custom-built, but a handy do-it-yourselfer could replicate the idea by using standard cabinets for the base of the bookcase on each side of the seating nook and building shelves from 5/8-inch plywood. The long shelf above the seating nook should be anchored to the wall and ceiling as well as the side bookcases. Instead of built-in seating, use a loveseat, and stash baskets underneath for out-of-sight storage.

Mirror Power

Double the apparent size of a small bathroom with a seamless wall-to-wall mirror at one end. With no frame to define the mirror’s edges, the illusion of greater depth is nearly perfect. The heavy-duty glass countertop also opens the bathroom: Because you can see through it to the wall and floor, the room feels bigger.

Use Every Inch

Squeeze more function into the slimmest of spaces with custom-designed cabinetry. In this narrow powder room, a cabinet just wide enough to accommodate a small bar sink provides elegant display space and storage.

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