Living room by Galerie Vanlian!

1 Apr

Living room by Galerie Vanlian!

Living room by Galerie Vanlian!

Living room by Galerie Vanlian!


Living room by Galerie Vanlian!

Living room by Galerie Vanlian!


Living Room Furniture by Galerie Vanlian

The living room is the room for living. It’s a gathering place, a place that embraces family and friends with relaxed style. If you want to enrich your life, create a family-friendly living room with areas for reading, talking, working and relaxing.

Before you order a coach, or pick up a paint brush, look at your space with objective eye. Whether you’re redesigning the whole room or just refreshing it, open your mind to the creative possibilities, think about furniture and finishes, colors and textures, follow your own instincts, what counts is not a certain style, but your style.

Choose furniture, materials and colors that inspire you. Trust your own eye for and feelings about decor will generate the best ideas for decorating your living room. Start with the basics: a comfortable, well-made sofa, a versatile coffee table, beautiful drapes, a quality rug.

When shopping for new furniture, make safety and comfort just as important as beauty. Look for designs with friendly detailing. To increase the sense of comfort and good energy, arrange your living room furniture to form islands that you can move around easily. Appoint corners with any combination of enhancements, such as plants, sculpture, lighting, art and furniture.

An interior is the natural projection of the soul – Coco Chanel

To encourage social intimacy and relaxation, place the primary furniture-often a sofa- so that it commands a view of the room. Then give other seating a nice view, putting everyone at ease and making the room both attractive and comfortable. To assure ideal views throughout the room, make sure the corners in your living room are clear of clutter. A sense of uncluttered abundance is the key: all that’s needed is present and plentiful, yet organized in a way that keeps the space open and livable.

Living room decorating expresses a sense of welcome and sets the tone for the rest of your home. By definition the living room is the space in a home that’s most full of life and spirit.

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