Home decorating tips by Vick Vanlian

13 Apr

Home decorating tips by Vick Vanlian

Vick Vanlian

Vick Vanlian, Galerie Vanlian, Envy Interiors


Home Decorating Tip #1 – Define Your Scope & Goals

I know that you’d love to skip these decorating tips and begin decorating immediately, right? Well, I would encourage you to first print these home decorating tips for reference and then grab a pen and paper and jot down exactly what you want to accomplish.

This is done through a process known as scope and goal setting. It will add an amazing amount of clarity to your decision making once you get into implementing your interior decorating ideas.

For example, you might write, “Decorate the living room in a Traditional Style by December 31”. Go ahead, write down your scope. I’ll wait…

Next, list your goals beneath your scope. You may be thinking that the goal is simply, “To make the room look as beautiful as possible”. But you really should dig a level deeper.

Put answers to questions such as…

Will the project increase the value of your home? Is the project tied to an overall home improvement plan? Are you giving the room a partial or complete makeover? Are you redoing the room because you want it to handle additional activities? Are you creating your dream room or is this just a quick fix?

I could go on and on, but I think get the idea. Take your time and really make an effort to determine why you’re doing the home decorating project and what you hope to achieve. It’s critical that you complete this step before moving to the other home decorating tips.

Home Decorating Tip #2 – Define Your Budget

Let’s keep the momentum going. By the way, did you print these decorating tips for your files? Just checking 🙂

Next, you should establish a budget for your project. How much will it cost to turn your home interior decorating ideas into reality? To create your budget, list the cost of materials, services, building permits, etc., in as much detail as possible.

Use the merchants mentioned on this web site to get a feel for the prices of furniture and furnishings. Contact craftsmen in your area for the cost of services such as painting, plumbing, and electrical work. I’ve created a Home Interior Design – Budget Worksheet to help you.

Once you arrive at your total, add 10%-20% as a contingency to cover unexpected costs.

Considering your scope and goals…

Can you live with the final dollar amount? If not, you’ll have to decide what changes to make.

As you progress in your decorating project, it is important that you frequently compare your budget against your actual spending. It would not be unusual for your goals to change in mid-stream, but this way there won’t be any financial surprises.

Home Decorating Tip #3 – Find Your Decorating Style

I could write pages and pages about all the historic and modern decorating styles and what makes one different from another. But what ultimately matters is that you seek out and learn more about your own decorating attitude. Why?

Because knowing your decorating attitude will make it easier to identify furniture and furnishing that will fit well together and will work for you.

In keeping with the intent of this web site to provide concise information, I’ve devised a quick and fun quiz to help you identify your decorating style. Is it Traditional, Casual, Contemporary, or Eclectic?

Traditional – Your furniture and furnishing are comforting and classic. There may be a mix of old world styles such as Queen Anne, 18th Century Chippendale, Hepplewhite, and Sheraton. Your colors are typically soft and you are undoubtedly a lover of antiques.

This basic list of Traditional Decorating ideas should help to enhance your understanding of this style.

If you want to further expand your knowledge of Traditional decorating and get many more home decorating tips and insights, check out the book… Signature Style.

Casual – You prefer your home to be simple and warm. Your upholstery is soft and round, and fabrics are usually in earthy or neutral colors.

Seating is arranged informally and everyone immediately feels as though they can plop down anywhere. Accessories are lighthearted and whimsical.

Review this list of ideas to put you in a Casual Decorating mindset.

To learn more about Casual decorating read… The Family Home: Relaxed, Informal Living For All Ages

Contemporary – You prefer a sleek, sophisticated design with clean lines. Accessories are minimal, but what you have could be described as elegant simplicity. Some may consider your home to be cold and stark. There may be lots of glass and stainless steel.

Your choice in colors may range from black and white to bold and vivid.

Click on this link to Contemporary Decorating ideas to jumpstart your thinking.

For more Contemporary decorating ideas, I recommend Contemporary Decorating: New Looks For Modern Living

Eclectic – Your style is a mix of two or more of the above styles. You occasionally rebel against conventional design rules. I would also describe my own decorating attitude as Eclectic.

Take a peek at the Eclectic Decorating in my home for ideas.

You can get the scoop on more decorating styles and how to mix them effectively by reading our ebook Awaken Your Interior Designer

Home Decorating Tip #4 – Lay Out Your Floor Plan

You’re developing quite a project plan aren’t you? Can you see the big picture starting to come together? Great! I’m glad these home decorating tips are helping.

The next step is to lay out the floor plan for each area to be decorated. Using a pencil and graph paper, make a drawing that represents the length and width of the design space. Be sure to indicate the location of windows, doors, and other architectural elements.

Make several copies of the floor plan because later you’ll use them to help determine the best way to arrange your furniture. You’ll actually draw little shapes to represent your chairs, sofa, tables, bed, etc.

Home Decorating Tip #5 – Identify Your Focal Points

A focal point gives the eye an initial point of interest so that it can begin to take in the interior landscape of a room with ease. It can be an eye-catching architectural element such as a fireplace, large bay windows, or built-in book shelves.

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