Amazing Furniture

26 Apr
Amazing Furniture by Envy Interiors
Envy Interiors, Galerie Vanlian, Vick Vanlian

Envy Interiors, Galerie Vanlian, Vick Vanlian

Tip of the day:
Don’t just limit your decor to the living room! Many things can add style to any room of the home.”
Inexpensive  Decorating Ideas
1. Use a taller pumpkin as a vase for fresh flowers. Clean out the guts and seeds and use the pumpkin to arrange your flowers. Taller ones work well, but so will squatty pumpkins if you cut your flower stems short.

2. Make topiary out of a foam form (conical shapes always work well) and hot glue a variety of large seeds – acorns, walnuts, pinecones – to the form. Completely cover the foam. Easy and makes a wonderful piece for any table or countertop.

3. Pick brightly colored fallen leaves. Rub a good moisturizer onto the front and back of the leaves and let dry. This helps the leaves keep their color and avoid curling. Once dry, scatter the leaves on a table, around a centerpiece, or on a fireplace mantle.

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