Amazing Bedroom

6 May

Amazing Bedroom by Vick Vanlian

Bedroom by Vick Vanlian, Galerie Vanlian, Envy Interiors

Bedroom by Vick Vanlian, Galerie Vanlian, Envy Interiors


Inexpensive Decorating Ideas

1. If you have a tiered cake or serving plate, arrange pumpkins, gourds, or squash on each tier. Use a pie pumpkin or turban squash (looks like two placed one on top of the other) on the top level. Use smaller ones, even miniatures, as well as leaves and nuts on the other tiers.

2. Cut a branch for a tree. Place lengthwise on a table. Nest miniature gourds, pumpkins, leaves, nuts, and votive candles among the smaller branches. (Whenever you bring branches in from outdoors, spray insect repellent on the branch outside before you cut it. Let it stay outside for a day or two. Then bring into the garage or on a porch for another day or two until the smell is gone.)

3. Soften a three-wick candle by blowing a hairdryer on it until the wax is soft. Then press small colored leaves into the softened wax to add a fall touch.

4. Take tall corn stalks and attach to porch columns or mailbox or even trees with a large fall colored ribbon. Further accent with pumpkins or mums around the base.

5. Cut long branches with colored leaves still attached (see instructions above to prevent bringing bugs into your home). Place in a tall vase or an umbrella stand. Be sure the branches are proportionate to the vase or stand.

6. Use potted mums to replace your summer flowers in flower beds, on porches, near fireplace hearths, in corner of rooms – this classic never goes out of style. To give added height within a group, place one potted mum on a miniature straw bale.

A Lebanese Interior Designer.

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Vick Vanlian.


One Response to “Amazing Bedroom”

  1. Ahmad May 9, 2011 at 11:23 am #

    that’s a very classy bed, i would love to have one just like it

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