Home Decoration

14 Jun

Home Decoration

the large living room in this city apartment is dominated by the two piece sofa, 13 ft long, designed especially for television viewing, covered in hand woven white chenille shot with gold. A black lacquered angle table,low coffee table and a paiting by “Hans Moller” complete the group. Facing the Sofa is the television cabinet, its 24 inch screen concealed by slide in doors. the bookshelves architectchair is covered in coral fabric. Living room wals are grey with a purple section to the left of the couch. in the dining aclove the grey walls again have a purple section to the right of the buffet and coral coverings to the platinum walnut chair.

the wood sculpture by Milton Hebald stands on a black laquered table seenin the top illustration with its lamp on a sculptured wood base and reed shade designed by james mc Creery.

In the master bedroom the bedhead and bedspread are of light blue satin , the former framed in hand sculpture d bleached mahogany, the same wood being used for the side tables and chests,. on this floor is a gold coloured carpet, blue, beige and gold being repeated in the sheer gauze draperies and grass cloth on the walls. designers and makers. work De k;ee inc.


Galerie Vanlian, Envy Interiors, Vick Vanlian

Galerie Vanlian, Envy Interiors, Vick Vanlian


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