What makes a chair special?

20 Mar

This brand new street furniture from Studio Segers is a very Scandinavian solution to an age-old problem: how to make the street a safe, comfortable and exciting place to be. The Get Out! M2 bench is reclaiming public space by encouraging conversation between people in the street.


Catch up with friends, relax with a book, or even fall in love, this chair is designed to make it all happen. The bench’s gently sloping contours and simple clean shape makes it impossible to sit without looking at your neighbours and striking up a chat. Get Out! encourages passersby to make eye contact, start talking and share experiences instead of staring straight ahead and sealing themselves off in a private bubble.

By starting from a very clearly-defined idea of what a chair should do, Segers Studio have created a very effective piece of work. A city bench should anchor the space it is placed in and provide a comfortable and welcoming focus for social interaction. Every aspect of the M2 Bench is geared towards creating a safe, friendly environment. Let’s hope we’ll soon be seeing its striking design in cities all over the globe.

But sitting and chatting is far from the only way to use a chair. This Grandma Chair, designed by the artist Bora Çakilkaya, was created with a very different purpose in mind: work.


Not so much a solution to a problem as a creative way to make life a little bit easier and a lot more fun, the Grandma Chair was inspired by the designer’s youth growing up with old ladies who relished the time they could take to just sit and sew. Çakilkaya wanted to create a product designed specifically for her Grandma, a chair that she would love to work at. So the Grandma Chair takes care of everything, with its colourful drawers built into the back to make it easy to get at everything you need to sew something beautiful, it’s your own portable workstation.

These two chairs have very different purposes but they have one thing in common: a clarity of vision that makes them so striking and so special. Transparent vision is essential to creating beautiful and memorable works of design. At Vanlian, every product is given individual care and attention and every aspect of the design process is meticulously considered. A product’s intended purpose informs crucial artistic decisions and helps us to create some very special products.Like these very cool Zagon corner chairs, that were made to perfectly fill that little bit of space that you just couldn’t decide how to use.

ImageOr these lightweight, art-nouveau Mix chairs, designed to be placed anywhere you like – even out on the balcony.


But perhaps the best example is Twist, a set of funky Lego-block-style sofas in a range of colours to fit any mood and fulfil any purpose.Image

Leave it in front of the TV when you’re watching a movie or pull it over to the table for an impromptu bench at a dinner party. You could even turn it around and push it up against the wall to brighten up that difficult corner. Designed with flexibility in mind, Twist can be put to any use you can imagine, and it fulfils that purpose perfectly.


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