I want to make the world a better place using four of the five senses wherever possible: Touch, Smell, Sight, and Sound as they are all part of experiencing a certain space, be it interiors or architecture.. Vick Vanlian Philosophy

In designing furniture and accessories, I challenge myself and my team to go beyond guidelines and dare to start new trends always adding some fun and twists to things to awaken the senses…

The resulting collection of bold original furniture pieces, including the set of aesthetic decorative home articles is what ultimately distinguishes Vick Vanlian Designs from any other designs. But while I make design & uniqueness a priority, utility and comfort is never compromised.

I seek to combine both comfort and splendor and trigger curiosity, which are indisputably the foundations which constitute a well designed environment, furniture or object. The Vick Vanlian team undoubtedly recognizes this and strives to bring individuality, beauty, & harmony to every project, as we understand the significance of an attractive atmosphere which makes us think how and why things are made.

This challenge to spread joy and style is essentially our philosophy. In return, the joy that reveals itself on a happy customer’s face is our greatest reward and ultimately our incentive simultaneously.

Life is short and we tend to forget to enjoy every second of our precious lives.  Let’s make the world a better place.

Vick Vanlian


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