A taste of Salone

1 May

If you follow me on my twitter @VickVanlian (and if not, shame on you!) you already know a little bit about Vanlian’s new launches at Salone in Milan. This year, our show was called V-World and was builta round four brand new collections: Private Session, Beyond, Globe trekker and Re-fuse. All of them were inspired by a different aspect of contemporary society that fascinates me and all were unified by a single, coherent vision.


Private Session was inspired by my love for fashion and pop culture, reflected in vibrant, bold colours and striking designs.

Beyond explores geometric patterns and shapes to create a very classic, contemporary look. The ceiling of our Beyond studio was enhanced with a lighting star made of LED lights, illuminating the contours of the collection.

Globe trekker reimagines the act (or should I say art?) of travel with a collection made out of refashioned and reapplied travel luggage. These vintage and contemporary suitcases can be used as storage or as a piece of decoration in their own right.

Re-fuse co-opts old industrial designs and applies them to the art of the interior. Old pipes and exposed metal, coming straight from traditional ironmongers, create a range of very sustainable pieces with a truly contemporary look.

Enjoy these pictures. There’s lots lots more to come. (If you’re feeling greedy, you can always get the whole package on my Facebook page)



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